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Housed in a 1930's service station, Juicebox Recording is a full service recording workshop. We offer a great space, great gear and great ears in our funky little DIY recording studio. With enough space to track a live band, we fill the gap between Asheville's many project studios and the larger, more expensive recording facilities. We feature a great live room, 2 isolation rooms each with their own unique sound, 2 amp isolation closets and a huge comfortable control room. We are conveinantly located just outside Asheville in Marshall NC.... a quick drive up highway 25/70. Our rates combined with our great gear and instruments and fantastic space make Juicebox Recording the best litttle studio in Asheville.... a great place.....if you can find it!

Hi! I'm Amos. I have been recording music since I was a kid... starting on cassette 4 tracks and opened my first professional facility in the late 90's. I love making records. I have recorded everything from jazz to punk..... and everything in between. If you have any questions about the studio, the process of recording or anything else, shoot me an email. Did I mention I love making records?

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