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We have a great space in which to track your next project. With over 1200 square feet and 6 isolated rooms we can accomodate bands large and small. Our dedicated amp isolation rooms make tracking loud guitars a snap and our acoustically treated live room produces a great drum sound. Each recording space has been thought out to provide a wide range of textures for every sort of instrument. From our tight, heavily treated vocal booth to our brash "BRIGHT ROOM" we can acheive a variety of sounds. Our sweet British Soundtracs 32 channel console is a joy to use with great preamps and fantastic eq's. For more tracking flavor we have a few interesting preamps and channel strips including some amazing vintage Yamaha pre's for that great 70's sound and a rack of vintage Bozak germanium preamps for that instant 60's soul sound. We also have preamps from Presonus and ART and a fantastic 1960's tube pre modded from an old Akai ree to reel. We can also record your project completely analog on our 16 track 1" tape machine..... or a mix of analog and digital. Track drums and bass to tape and dump into Pro Tools for overdubs..... the best of both worlds! 


Either mixing in software, out of the box or a hybrid of both, our mix suite is top notch. Featuring accurate monitoring in a controlled environment we can acheive well balanced mixes that translate to the outside world very quickly and efficiently. For in the box mixing we have a slew of fantastic plug-ins, from vintage EQ'S and Dynamics to future classics, our software can acheive 99% of what a big studio can offer at a fraction of the cost. For out of the box and stem mixing we feature analog outboard including Symetrix 501's and CL150's, ART VLA's and more. 


Juicebox Recording is not a mastering studio and very rarely do we take on outside mastering projects. We do however, provide light mastering services for clients that record at our studio... i.e. we make your mixes loud while still keeping the dynamics intact and if needed can create a RED-BOOK compatible CD for you. We have a bunch of partner companies , local and otherwise, that we would be happy to refer you to.


Our comfortable live room is great for rehearsals and we feature a great sounding PA and complete backline for bands looking for a nice spot to get together. We have a complete 7 piece Gretsch drum set with Dream cymbals, guitar amps from Fender, Gibson, Peavey, BK Butler, Randall and Marshall as well as a blue collar bass rig from Peavey. Our house instruments include a Hammond M3 organ, 64 note ships spinet piano, Fender Rhodes 73 electric piano, and a Yamaha P90 digital piano. Just bring your guitars and plug in.... it's all right here!


Our on-site teaching staff gives lessons on Piano, Drums, Bass and Guitar from beginner to intermediate students. Group lessons are available. Please call and check for availability. Juicebox Recording can also teach you the art of recording. We will soon be accepting students who want to learn the art of studio recording in a weekly and informal group setting. please call for details.

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